My CFIA Platform

The My CFIA online platform is now live for feed industry stakeholders to virtually submit, renew, amend and pay for pre-market applications for ingredient approvals, research exemptions and feed registrations.

Benefits of using My CFIA

By signing up for a My CFIA account, users can submit service requests for a growing number of CFIA services, including:

  • submitting applications digitally and securely, from anywhere in the world, at any time
  • tracking the status of applications
  • paying required fees online, at any time
  • receiving email notifications and reminders about expiring permissions, to ensure that they are renewed on time
  • receiving issued permissions online

Watch the webinar to learn more

ANAC hosted a webinar where the CFIA provided stakeholders with insight into the enrollment process and explained important considerations to help ensure individuals set up My CFIA accounts efficiently and in a way that meets their specific business needs.

Sign up for My CFIA

To take advantage of the new online services for livestock feed, you will need to sign up for a My CFIA account. For those that do not have a My CFIA account, you can learn how to sign up for one on the CFIA website.

Additional CFIA guidance

Step-by-step instructions on how to manage an account, request services and pay for services using My CFIA are available on the CFIA’s User Guidance page.

How to add an active application to My CFIA

If you have submitted a pre-market application for product approval or registration, research, or data review for your livestock feed product using the traditional mail-in process, you are encouraged to resubmit your application online through My CFIA.

By submitting your application through My CFIA, you will be able to manage, track and check the status of your application online at any time without losing your current place in the review queue. Simply include your file reference number in the online application name to indicate that it is an active submission. A shortened and simplified online application process is available for active submissions and is detailed in the CFIA guidance document below.

How to renew a product registration online using My CFIA

For products that have not been registered or renewed through My CFIA before, applicants will need to create a new online file for those products. This will include entering ingredients and nutrient guarantees for products as well as submitting labels, which is not normally required for renewals. However, the advantage of renewing online is that once the product file is created, all the information will be stored making subsequent renewals and other service requests quick and easy. 

The CFIA’s step-by-step guide to online product renewals can be accessed by clicking the button below.

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