FeedAssure® Training

Developing your FeedAssure® Feed Safety Plan

This course is for individuals new to HACCP/FeedAssure® or looking to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals required to implement HACCP and preventive controls in their facilities.

This four-part training series will focus on the methodology of feed safety hazard identification and risk assessment used in the development of FeedAssure® feed safety plan. The content of this course has been updated to reflect v.4 2022 of the FeedAssure® program. At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • describe feed safety hazards
  • conduct risk assessments and hazard analysis
  • understand the FeedAssure® Prerequisite Programs (PRPs)
  • take steps to create a FeedAssure® compliant feed safety plan

Internal Auditing for the Feed Industry

This intermediate-level course is tailored to employees of FeedAssure® certified facilities and walks the participants through the program to help them get ready to conduct their own internal audit and gain knowledge of HACCP principles. Topics covered include principles of auditing, dealing with non-conformances and much more.

Dates for these training opportunities will be provided once they are scheduled. For more information on any of the FeedAssure® training courses please contact feedassure-proqualite@anacan.org.
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