Confidently plan, adapt and thrive with a strategic feed industry and regulatory partner.

Strategic Partner

Regulatory Liaison

Expert Resource

When you’re disconnected from the feed industry’s association, it’s easy to miss and misinterpret critical information, which can put your business at risk.

Get the information you need to compete in the Canadian market with safe and innovative livestock feed.

Your Support

Experience the support of a strategic partner who proactively works to help you plan, adapt and thrive.

Your Guide

Know you’re doing it right with access to vital information and expert interpretations to make confident decisions that save time, money and energy.

Your Voice

Know your voice is being heard with a regulatory liaison who has a strong working relationship with the government.

We understand the challenges you’re facing in the Canadian feed industry, and we care about you and your business.

Over 90 years serving the Canadian feed industry.

Representing approx 90% of commercial feed manufactured in Canada.

Our FeedAssure® program is the gold standard for feed safety, with 70% of commercial feed in Canada manufactured in facilities certified to this program.

We have built a strong, mutual working relationship with the Canadian Government and are the voice of the Canadian feed industry.

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Access exclusive information and insights into the Canadian feed industry and experience support and guidance as you adapt to regulations and industry changes.



Feel supported by a strategic partner as you confidently adapt and succeed.

At the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada, we know that you want safe, competitive and innovative animal feed to meet customer demands in the best way possible. To do that, you need relevant industry and regulatory information to plan and adapt your business. ANAC is here to support you.

Join the association that gives you

of our members with
government and other agri-food
stakeholders domestically and

with government, the feed
value chain, commodity groups,
producer groups, as well as
other provincial and national
associations, to develop and
support industry or government
programs and standards

and sharing of expertise through
individualized technical support,
training, guidance and best
practice documents

activities that provide
opportunities to exchange with
feed industry representatives
across the country

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