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Training & Education

Scheduled training

Transitioning to FeedAssure v.4 2022 Training Course

This new course is designed to provide FeedAssure® certified facilities with detailed information on the program changes and guidance on how to implement these changes in their facility. Multiple sessions of this course will be offered in English and French beginning in late March 2022.

The course is composed of four modules, each lasting approximately four hours. Each course offering will run as a series of morning or afternoon sessions with morning modules starting at 8:30 am EDT, and afternoon modules beginning at 1 pm EDT.

Cost:Transitioning to FeedAssure v.4 2022 Course = $125 plus HST

Continuous learning: Canadian Feed Industry Education Program

Developed by ANAC, the Canadian Feed Industry Education Program (CFIEP) is a series of online training modules to explore the specifics of the Canadian livestock feed industry. Designed for those working or planning to work in the Canadian feed industry, this program will examine topics including feed safety, legislation, ingredients, nutrition, manufacturing, and feed mill management, and their role in daily feed industry operations. Develop and advance your understanding of the recent challenges and latest innovations in quality assurance, legislation, and the feed manufacturing process. Learn how to apply industry best practices in your role in the Canadian feed industry and directly contribute to meeting the responsibilities and challenges of day-to-day feed operations and across the feed chain.

FeedAssure® training courses

For more information on training specific to FeedAssure® please visit our FeedAssure® Training page.

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