The Gold Standard in Feed Safety

CFIA Recognized

3rd Party Verified

Proudly Canadian

Confidence in your feed and feed ingredients.

All participants in the livestock value-chain deserve to feel confident in their feed and feed ingredients.

That’s why the production of safe feed is the prime goal and the guiding principle behind the FeedAssure® program.

Good for Safety.
Good for Business.

Increased Customer Confidence
Enhanced Efficiency
Greater Employee Satisfaction
Improved Facility Conditions

Assurance from the Gold Standard in Feed Safety

When you bring FeedAssure® into your operation, you’re joining a group of facilities dedicated to the highest standard in feed safety.


Become FeedAssure® certified to receive the benefits of more than two decades of feed industry HACCP experience and the practical tools to make the program succeed for your business.


Approx 180 feed mills and related facilities are HACCP-certified under the FeedAssure® program.


Representing approx 70% of commercial feed production in Canada.


FeedAssure® was the 1st feed industry HACCP program developed in North America and one of the first in the world.


Formally recognized by CFIA giving FeedAssure® certified facilities one less partial CFIA inspection per year.

FeedAssure® Certification Includes

Access to annual FeedAssure® audits

Use of the FeedAssure® name and logos

Unlimited access to all FeedAssure® resource materials and support from ANAC staff

Special rates for FeedAssure® training programs

One less partial CFIA inspection per year

The Certification Process

Step 1

Document and implement prerequisite programs (PRPs)

Step 2

Develop and implement a site-specific feed safety plan

Step 3

Undergo 3rd party audit verification

FeedAssure® Benefits

FeedAssure® is an assurance of safety controls and a valuable business tool for the livestock feed industry.

Increase Customer Confidence

Participation in the FeedAssure® program leads to greater customer confidence.

Enhance Efficiency

The steps you take to meet the requirements of FeedAssure® lead to overall efficiency improvements and can help reduce long-term costs.

Greater Employee Satisfaction

Employees participating in FeedAssure® training are more knowledgeable in feed safety and experience greater workplace satisfaction.

Improved Facility Conditions

Meeting the requirements of FeedAssure® can be a catalyst for progress on maintenance projects, reduce downtime from equipment failure, and help improve conditions in the facility.

Become Certified

Click the link below to begin your certification process. We will provide you with the resources you need to get started with the FeedAssure® program.

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