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Nourishing Canadian Livestock

Providing safe and nutritious animal feed and supporting a healthy and sustainable livestock sector.

Safe Ingredients & Feed

Healthy Animals & Consumers

Sustainable Food Supply

Safe feed at home and around the world

The Canadian Feed Industry serves a vital role in ensuring a robust supply of quality feed and feed ingredients for Canadian livestock which in turn provide a safe and continuous supply of food to consumers in Canada and around the world. Download ‘The Fundamentals of Commercial Feed Industry in Canada’ to learn more about the Canadian Feed Industry.

Industry Snapshot

The feed industry is complex, unique and adaptable, and a vital partner in the country’s agriculture and agri-food supply chain.

  • An important contributor to the domestic economy
  • A major user of Canada’s domestic grain supply utilizing a significant portion of barley, corn and wheat grown domestically
  • Provides a cost recovery and recycling stream for unwanted products from the food industry and by-products from various other sectors

Feed Industry Stats

29.2 million tonnes

of feed was consumed by Canadian livestock (not including forages) in 2022

3.3 billion

dollars in revenue was generated by the international exports of livestock feed and feed ingredients in 2022


commercial mills across Canada supply roughly 19.5 million tonnes of feed

About ANAC

The Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) is the national trade association of the Canadian livestock feed industry. The association’s members include feed and ingredient manufacturers and distributors, and suppliers of a wide range of goods and services to the feed industry.

As a world leader and international partner in sustainable animal nutrition, the association promotes and enables the highest standards of feed and food safety in Canada. ANAC develops public resources to support the industry in providing safe and nutritious feed.


Livestock includes these and many more!

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