Animal Nutrition Association of Canada

Fostering a healthy and innovative industry to maintain the highest standards in safe, affordable and nutritious livestock feed.

Nutrition is the Foundation

Without safe, affordable and nutritious livestock feed, we risk the health of our animals, industry and economy. Industry and policies should work together to create a healthy environment for all.

How ANAC is Fostering a Healthy Canadian Feed Industry

Innovative Regulations

Advocating for innovative regulations and policies to foster a competitive business environment and successful livestock industry.

Successful Business

Supporting the industry with timely, credible and relevant information including regulatory updates and guidance to support businesses in making confident decisions that save time, money and resources.

Safe Feed

Safeguarding animal health by supporting initiatives to maintain the highest standard in feed safety and managing the world-class FeedAssure® Program.

Feed Industry Resources

Explore exciting initiatives undertaken by ANAC in support of the Canadian feed industry.

FeedAssure® Program

The gold standard in feed safety with certified facilities representing over 70% of commercial feed manufactured in Canada.

Feed Industry Primer

‘The Fundamentals of the Commercial Feed Industry’ highlights the importance of the Canadian feed industry within the agriculture and agri-food value chain. The document showcases the diverse, adaptable, and customer focused nature of the feed industry.


The ‘National Biosecurity Guide for the Livestock and Poultry Feed Sector’ represents feed industry best practices to limit the introduction and spread of animal diseases, pests, and pathogens.

Unlock Your ANAC Benefits

Access Proactive

Experience the support of a strategic partner who proactively works to help you plan, adapt and thrive.

Get a Competitive Advantage

Know you’re doing it right with access to vital information and expert interpretations to make confident decisions that save time, money and energy.

Experience a Collaborative Approach

Know your voice is being heard with a regulatory liaison who has a strong working relationship with Government.

ANAC is committed to supporting you, and your business through changes in the Canadian feed industry and regulatory environment.

When you engage with ANAC, you benefit from:

  • The voice of the Canadian feed industry representing companies manufacturing 90% of commercial feed.
  • A strong and mutual working relationship with the Canadian Government.
  • The FeedAssure® program, the gold standard in feed safety, with certified facilities representing over 70% of commercial feed manufactured in Canada.
  • Over 90 years of service to the Canadian feed industry.

The ANAC Way



Speak to our committed and knowledgeable staff to guide you through changes in regulations and the industry.



Access timely and credible information to make confident business decisions.



Engage and share your knowledge with our team and industry stakeholders to help shape the future of the industry.


Attend our highly anticipated events to learn about the latest developments and innovations in the Canadian feed industry and to grow your network.

Have a voice in the industry

At the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada, we know that you want safe, affordable and innovative livestock feed to meet consumer demands in the best way possible. To do that, you need relevant industry and regulatory information to plan and adapt your business.

Without ANAC membership, you are vulnerable to missing key updates and misinterpreting critical regulations placing your business at risk.

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