AGM and Convention Program

With a lineup of engaging speakers, opportunities for networking and entertaining social events, ANAC’s Annual General Meeting and Convention is sure to see a successful turnout from both local and national feed industry stakeholders.

Wednesday, May 29

Court Garden

7:00 pm Opening Networking Reception

Thursday, May 30

Salon B

7:15 am – Breakfast

8:00 am – Annual General Meeting

9:00 am – Break

Business Sessions

Salon B

9:30 am – Challenges and opportunities in farming in Newfoundland & Labrador
Crosbie Williams – Newfoundland & Labrador Dairy Producer

Farming on “the rock” is unique. Crosbie, a member of a multi-generational farming family, will regale us with stories and statistics about farming in Newfoundland with a focus on dairy and poultry production.

10:30 am – World commodity prices in chaos – Where are they headed now?
Richard Brock – Brock Associates Inc

In the last year grain and oilseed prices have collapsed while cattle and pork prices have soared. Richard will discuss the world economy and the price direction for grains and livestock in the year ahead.

Social Program (Golf tournament or tour)

Delegate Banquet Dinner

Bella Vista (26 Torbay Rd)

6:30 pm – Bar and Pre-Dinner show

Enjoy Angie Bohlke’s performance while you relax before dinner.

7:00 pm – Delegate Banquet Dinner

Enjoy a delightful evening with colleagues at the Bella Vista. After a banquet dinner, experience Newfoundland’s unique charm with “The Newfoundland and Labrador Showcase” featuring talented singers and musicians who will entertain you with lively songs and humorous stories. The Feed Industry Leadership Award will also be presented during the event.

Don’t miss the unforgettable traditional “screech-in” ceremony where you’ll have the opportunity to become an honorary Newfoundlander!

Friday, May 31

Salon B

8:00 am – Breakfast

Business Session

9:00 am – Creating a positive workplace environment:  attracting, retaining and motivating your employees
Sara Mann – University of Guelph

Given significant labour challenges in the industry, understanding how to effectively recruit, hire and retain employees is more important than ever. Creating a positive workplace culture is essential to improving motivation and commitment. This interactive presentation will provide you with practical tools and best practices to create a positive culture, while improving recruitment, performance and retention. We will also focus on the role of effective leadership, motivation and performance management.

11:00 am – Convention closes

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