Graduate Students

Showcasing student research at ANCC 2022

Oral competition winners

Monogastric winner: 

Joaquin Sanchez Zannatta, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta
“Growth performance, digesta pH and organ weight of weaned pigs fed barley grain differing in fermentable starch and fibre”

Ruminant winner:

Renee  Bierworth, MSC Candidate, University of Saskatchewan
“High mycotoxin levels in wheat grain and their effects on beef cattle ruminal fermentation, performance and carcass traits”

Poster competition winners

1st place: 

Jing Lu, PhD Candidate, Dalhousie University
“Effects of in ovo seaweed polyphenols and fucoidans on performance and gut microbiota of broiler chickens challenged with diet-induced oxidative stress”

2nd place:

Bruna Mion, PhD Candidate, University of Guelph
“Complete replacement of inorganic sources of supplementary trace minerals by organic sources alters systemic trace mineral status, rumen fermentation, and energy balance in dairy cows”

3rd place:

Amanda Meadows, MSc Candidate, University of Saskatchewan
“The effect of dry or temper rolling of high or low protein wheat grain and its impact on rumen parameters, liver abscesses, and growth performance of feedlot cattle”

Student videos

The following students shared their research at the ANCC 2022. If you missed them in person, take some time to learn about their work by watching their 3-minute videos summarizing their research.

M1 – Andy Che
University of Manitoba

Application of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Rapid Analysis of Glucosinolate Content in Canola Meal 

M2 – Muene Kithama
University of Guelph

Apparent Metabolizable Energy and Plasma Biochemical Profile in Broiler Chickens Fed Diets Containing Grape (Vitis vinifera), Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), Wild Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) and Apple (Malus pumila/domestica) Pomaces Without or With Multi-Enzymes Supplement

M3 – Jing Lu
Dalhousie University

Effects of In Ovo Seaweed Polyphenols and Fucoidans on Performance and Gut Health of Broiler Chickens Challenged with Diet-induced Oxidative Stress

M4 – Yanxing Niu
University of Manitoba

The Prebiotic Effect of Enzymatically Released Bioactive Components of Canola Meal Fibre on Gut Health and Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens 

M5 – Tetiana Sessingnong
University of Manitoba

Research on Evaluation of Expeller/Cold-pressed Canola (EPC) as a Valuable Feed Ingredient for Poultry

R1 – Rachel Carey
University of Saskatchewan

Effects of Substituting Barley Grain and Silage with High-moisture Corn Products in Western Canadian Beef Finishing Diets on Ruminal Fermentation Patterns and Site and Extent of Starch Digestibility 

R2 – Emily Croft
University of Guelph

Feeding Supplemental Energy to Pregnant Beef Cows During Late Gestation to Support Cow-Calf Performance

R3 – Ganqi Deng
University of Saskatchewan

Using Synchrotron-based on X-ray Fluorescence to Study Oat Varieties Impact on Minerals Distribution

R4 – Amanda Meadows
University of Saskatchewan

Effect of Dry or Temper Rolling of High or Low Protein Wheat and its Impact on Rumen Parameters, Liver Abscesses, and Growth Performance of Feedlot Cattle 

R5 – Bruna Mion
University of Guelph

Complete Replacement of Inorganic Sources of Supplementary Trace Minerals by Organic Sources Alters Systemic Trace Mineral Status, Rumen Fermentation, and Energy Balance in Dairy Cows

R6 – Sang Weon Na
University of Alberta

Assessment of Rumen and Fecal Short Chain Fatty Acids Profiles and Microbial Populations in Rumen Fluid and Feces of Beef Cows Under Two Different Feeding Regimes

R7 – Jenilee Peters
University of Saskatchewan

Predicting Composition, Intake, and Digestibility of Nutrients in Grazing Cattle Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) of Feces

R8 – Carla Plett
University of Manitoba

In-vitro Dry Matter Digestibility, an Alternative Method for Silage Quality Assessment 

R9 – María E. Rodríguez
University of Saskatchewan

Feeding Trial and Dairy Performance Evaluation Using Faba Bean Seeds: Effects of Raw and Steamed Pressured Faba Bean Seeds in Diets of High Producing Dairy Cows 

5 ways for students to participate in the ANCC

  1. Showcase your research in the Graduate Student Competitions.
  2. Network with industry leaders in animal nutrition.
  3. Participate and ask questions during the career panel discussion at the Student Networking Event.
  4. Learn about the latest developments in animal nutrition research.
  5. Apply for the ANAC Scholarship.
Student poster competition

Graduate Student Competition

ANAC is pleased to showcase the research of Canadian graduate students in animal science and nutrition during the ANCC Graduate Student Competition, to be held at the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada 2022 in Saskatoon. This competition includes two components: the oral presentation competition and the poster competition.

Oral Presentation Competition

Two abstracts from the submissions will be selected. One focused on ruminant research and the other monogastric. The winners will give an oral presentation during the ruminant and monogastric sessions respectively.

Oral presentation winners will:

  • be invited to give a 15-minute oral presentation at the ANCC (12-minute presentation + 3-minutes for questions). A recording of each presentation will be made available for on-demand viewing by both virtual and in-person participants.
  • receive a complimentary registration to the conference and have their travel and accommodations to participate in the ANCC paid for by the conference.
  • have their expanded abstract (2 pages) published in the conference proceedings (to be provided by the winners).

Poster Competition

Students chosen to participate in the poster competition will present their poster during the Student Poster Exhibition at ANCC and have a short (3-minute) video of their poster presentation published on the conference website. Abstracts from students chosen for the poster competition will be included in the conference proceedings.

Poster Competition Prizes:

  • First prize – $500
  • Second prize – $300
  • Third prize – $200

Application Requirements 

Applications are no longer being accepted for ANCC 2022. Please come back in January 2023 to learn about the ANCC 2023 Student Competitions.

The ANCC was an excellent conference! As a student, I appreciated the opportunities to network with industry professionals and other students. The poster competition and student networking event provided a welcoming environment to share ideas and learn more about hot topics in the industry.  Overall, I found this conference extremely worthwhile and would strongly recommend all students interested in farm animal health, nutrition and welfare to attend.
Allison Welk
Poster competition winner, 2021

Past ANCC Poster Competition Winners

Student Networking Event

Join ANCC’s first-ever in-person Student Networking Event
Representatives from different segments of the Canadian feed industry will discuss their career experiences in a live panel discussion. Afterwards, students will participate in a speed-meeting style activity where they will have the opportunity to ask questions to each panelists.

This event provides a unique opportunity to:

  • learn more about the various roles that individuals play within the Canadian feed industry
  • gain valuable insight on career opportunities
  • make key industry contacts
  • meet potential employers

The ANCC with industry partners is working on a sponsorship program to offer bursaries to help students pay for expenses to participate in the conference. Come back later for more information on bursaries.

ANAC Scholarship

Are you a graduate student at a Canadian university enrolled in animal science or a related field of study, with a specific interest in animal nutrition? If so, apply for the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) Graduate Scholarship today!

The ANAC Graduate Scholarship is made possible through funding by ANAC member companies. In addition to the $4,000 award, the scholarship recipient will have the opportunity to present their research at the Opening Plenary session of the ANCC. Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2022 scholarship. Please come back in January 2023 to apply for the 2023 scholarship.

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