Graduate Students

5 ways for students to participate in the ANCC

  1. Showcase your research in the Graduate Student Competitions.
  2. Network with industry leaders in animal nutrition.
  3. Participate and ask questions during the career panel discussion at the Student Networking Event.
  4. Learn about the latest developments in animal nutrition research.
  5. Apply for the ANAC Scholarship.

Student poster competition

Graduate Student Competitions

Applications for the 2024 Graduate Student Competitions are now closed.

ANAC is pleased to showcase the research of Canadian graduate students in animal science and nutrition during the ANCC Graduate Student Competitions, to be held at the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada 2024 in Winnipeg. This competition includes three categories: the oral presentation competition, the poster competition, and the up-and-coming research mini presentations (new for 2024!).

For competition details, read below or download the PDF.

Oral Presentation Competition

Two abstracts from the submissions will be selected. One focused on ruminant research and the other monogastric. The winners will give an oral presentation during the ruminant and monogastric sessions respectively.

Oral presentation winners will:

  • be invited to give a 20-minute oral presentation at the ANCC 2024 (15-minute presentation + 5 minutes for questions)
  • have their registration expenses, travel and accommodations for ANCC 2024 paid by the conference
  • have their written abstract published in the conference Book of Abstracts and online Proceedings
  • have their video abstract displayed online on the conference website and possibly shown during conference proceedings

Poster Competition

Students chosen to participate in the poster competition will present their poster during the Graduate Student Poster Exhibition at ANCC 2024. Competitors’ video abstracts will be displayed online on the conference website and possibly shown during conference proceedings. Competitors’ written abstracts will be printed in the conference Book of Abstracts and online Proceedings.

Poster Competition Prizes:

  • First prize – $500
  • Second prize – $300
  • Third prize – $200

Up-and-Coming Research Mini Presentations

This new presentation category is intended for early-stage graduate students (both master’s and PhD level) who do not yet have research results to showcase their project motivation and the benefit their work will have for industry. This is a unique opportunity for graduate students to communicate the value of their work directly to the industry professionals who will apply it.

Up-and-coming research mini presentation candidates will:

  • deliver a 10-minute oral presentation at ANCC 2024 (5-minute presentation + 5 minutes for questions)
  • have their name and presentation title printed in the conference Book of Abstracts and online Proceedings

Application Requirements

Applications for all three competition categories are now closed.

Complete application requirements, including key dates, abstract guidelines and judging criteria are available in our ANCC 2024 graduate student competition details document. Download the document by clicking the button below.

To assist you in formatting your written abstract, you may download and use ANAC’s abstract template by clicking the button below.

Having the opportunity to discuss the results of the research I am conducting with well-known researchers and industry members was excellent. It was an opportunity for critical thinking from different perspectives, stimulated by people with different backgrounds and understandings of the needs of the animal nutrition industry. The conference was valuable for knowledge transference and for several networking opportunities with other grad students, professors and industry professionals.
Bruna Mion
Poster competition winner, 2022

Past ANCC Competition Winners

Student Networking Event

Representatives from different segments of the Canadian feed industry discussed their career experiences in a live panel discussion. Afterwards, students participated in small discussion groups where they had the opportunity to ask questions to each panelist.

This event provided a unique opportunity to:

  • learn more about the various roles that individuals play within the Canadian feed industry
  • gain valuable insight on career opportunities
  • make key industry contacts
  • meet potential employers

ANAC Scholarship

Are you a graduate student at a Canadian university enrolled in animal science or a related field of study, with a specific interest in animal nutrition? If so, apply for the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) Graduate Scholarship today! 
The ANAC Graduate Scholarship is made possible through funding by ANAC member companies. In addition to the $4,000 award, the scholarship recipient will have the opportunity to present their research at the Opening Plenary session of the ANCC.

Applications for the 2024 ANAC Graduate Scholarship are now open and must be submitted by March 1, 2024. See the ANAC Scholarship webpage, linked below, for more details.

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