Streamlined Approvals for Category 1 Feed Registrations

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the feed industry continue to seek ways to streamline processes to help reduce the total time required to approve feed products requiring registration. To this end, the CFIA will now be accepting applications for Category 1 feed registrations through a streamlined process. Detailed information on this new process can be found on the CFIA website.


The following tools have been developed to assist industry in demonstrating that requirements for streamlined applications have been met:

Examples of registration packages

Examples from CFIA of complete registration packages for various products (PDFs):

Support to ANAC members

ANAC offers support to members submitting streamlined applications. Ensure you are logged into your member account and click the button below to learn more.

CFIA webinar on streamlined approval process

This webinar explains the requirements and process for streamlined registrations of Category 1 feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

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