Canadian Feed Research Centre

The Canadian Feed Research Centre (CFRC) is a national research centre at the University of Saskatchewan. A team of feed industry and academic experts liaise with University of Saskatchewan faculties to offer feed research & development guidance, feed regulatory advisement, and contractual trials for public and private sectors. CFRC has three scales of production (from 20kg/batch to 20 tonne/hour) and an extensive range of equipment (including, but not limited to: pellet mills, hammer mills, roller mill, mixers, steam explosion system, extruder, steam flaker, briquette maker, vacuum coaters, and inline NIRS monitor).

CFRC provides the following services:

  • Feed ingredient evaluation and new feed product development.
  • Animal performance and challenge trials.
  • Feed registration advisement, feed processing improvement, and biomass utilization.
  • Feed additive stability and homogeneity testing during feed processing.
  • Toll manufacturing.
  • An in-house analytical lab which provides wet chemical testing.


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