Register for Transitioning to FeedAssure® v.4 2022 Training Course

This new course is designed to provide FeedAssure® certified facilities with detailed information on the program changes and guidance on how to implement these changes in their facility.

Multiple sessions of this course were offered throughout the spring and additional offerings of this training course will be held in the fall based on demand. To assess demand, ANAC has started a wait list for fall training sessions. Those on the wait list will be contacted with further details if there is sufficient interest in running another training session. Being included on the wait list does not guarantee a spot in a training course, but you will be the first people contacted in the event a course is scheduled. If you are interested in taking part in the Transitioning to FeedAssure® v.4 2022 course this fall, click on the button below.

Note: At the end of this year, the Transitioning to FeedAssure® v.4 2022 course will no longer be offered.

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