Monogastrics Territory Manager

Jefo Nutrition



The Monogastrics Territory Manager, Ontario/Manitoba represents the company to the current and future customers. Depending on the objectives
and business strategy of the company ensuring the sale of different products.

Main responsibilities of the position include:

  • Sales
    • Develop & support sales strategies to optimize resources and results in different sales channels;
    • Contact potential customers to increase sales of the products in their area;
    • Work with the team to develop sales tools to differentiate in the market and to meet client needs;
    • Plan meetings with potential clients to present the company’s products;
    • After visits or calls, complete the customer database to make an appropriate follow up;
    • Perform after-sales service to customers to ensure their satisfaction;
    • Work with and organize support from Monogastric Technical team
  • Company representation
    • Regular product updates with Customers and Prospective customers on your own and frequently with Technical Support
    • Search for new information about the products offered by the company and new products on the market;
    • Represents the company to various associations of animal nutrition;
    • Coordinates the logistics of a booth in the events in which it is representing the company;
    • Provide different training / demonstrations to customers and prospects
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