Trouw Nutrition Canada

Trouw Nutrition is Nutreco’s livestock feed business line and a global leader in feed, farm and health. We have a 90-year history of developing innovative feed products and more sustainable ways of raising healthy farm animals and companion animals. With a presence in 105 countries and 22 manufacturing plants, we are a one-stop-shop for feed specialities, feed additives, premixes, nutritional models and customised, integrated services. We are everywhere farmers and home-mixers, feed producers, integrators and distributors need us to be.

Animal nutrition and good farm management have the power to transform our industry and even our planet. To solve the challenges facing our feed-to-food chain, we have a dedicated team of 8,300 and a global network to help our customers feed the future. Our global brands include LifeStart, NutriOpt, Milkiwean, Gestawean, ChickCare, Maxcare, Sprayfo and Selko. Our local brands include Shur-Gain, Hi-Pro Feeds, Hi-Range and Landmark Feeds.


Amino acids Animal based ingredients Blocks Complete feeds Consulting Enzymes Flavours Laboratory Liquid Feeds Milk replacers Minerals Packaging Pharmaceutical products Plant based ingredients Premixes Recycled food products Specialty feed additives Supplements Vitamins

Province of Business

Alberta Atlantic British Columbia Manitoba Ontario Quebec Saskatchewan

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