O&T Farms


O&T Farms manufactures several sustainable livestock and petfood ingredients by blending combinations of flaxseed, canola, alfalfa, wheat and pulses in their patented dry-extrusion process. Their branding of “naturally better” has become synonymous with health, nutrition and quality of the products manufactured. Using their proprietary dry-extrusion process, several specialty feed ingredients have been developed with LinPRO®, being the most notable in North America, for its land-based Omega-3 enrichment. LinPRO® provides an Omega-3 enrichment into eggs, dairy and meats and has become North America’s leading specialty feed ingredient for the Omega-3 market segment (both conventional and organic). LinPRO®’s success is a result of the ingredients consistent nutrient profile (fat, protein and omega-3), along with its extended shelf life and lastly its enhanced digestibility.


Plant based ingredients Specialty feed additives

Province of Business

Alberta Atlantic British Columbia Manitoba Ontario Quebec Saskatchewan

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