New-Life Mills (Div. of Parrish & Heimbecker Limited)

New-Life Mills is a Canadian-owned manufacturer of livestock nutrition since 1964. With five production facilities and a dedicated team of experts in species management, nutrition and production, our commitment to the best possible inputs, feed, and services for; broiler chickens, eggs, turkey, beef, dairy, and swine, is the driving force behind our success.

New-Life Mills nutrition programs promote animal health, optimize genetic potential, and aspire to increase producer profitability. Efficient feed conversions, improved production, and healthier livestock, promoting more profitable and sustainable performance.

Our knowledgeable team of agriculture industry professionals are passionate about the future of producer operations and build added value into the New-Life Mills experience by sharing our knowledge and experience to promote a healthier and more profitable operation for livestock and poultry producers. We take pride in being industry leaders in nutrition and on issues of importance to producers and the industry.


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Province of Business

Ontario Quebec Saskatchewan

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