Federated Co-operatives Limited


“Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) does business differently. At its core, FCL is a co-operative that supports other co-operatives that serve people in Western Canada.

FCL is a wholesaling, manufacturing, marketing and administrative co-operative owned by more than 160 independent local co-operative associations. These local co-ops own and operate agro centres, food stores, gas bars/convenience stores and home centres.

Working together, FCL and local retail co-operatives form the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS), which helps build, feed and fuel individuals and communities from Vancouver Island to northwestern Ontario and into the Arctic.

Over the years, FCL has been involved in a wide variety of business ventures. There has been great growth, as well as challenges. Through it all, FCL has remained focused on providing long-term sustainable value for its members.”


Blocks Complete feeds Laboratory Milk replacers Premixes Supplements Toll manufacturing

Province of Business

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba Saskatchewan

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