DSM Nutritional Products Canada Inc.


As a purpose-led company, we supply science-based products, services and groundbreaking innovations for the health, well-being and sustainability of farm animals.

We offer a true end-to-end portfolio through 3 business lines:

  • Essential Products: Vital nutrients for the healthy growth and development of farm animals delivered to the customer in the most flexible, tailored way. Our Essential Products include vitamins, premixes and carotenoids.
  • Performance Solutions + BIOMIN®: Solutions designed to improve the sustainability and profitability of animal farming. Our Performance Solutions + BIOMIN includes enzymes, feed acidifiers, and microbials.
  • Precision Services: Our Precision Services use the latest data analytics and diagnostics to improve animal health, lifetime performance, resource use and environmental footprint — while mitigating risks and unlocking more value. Our Precision Services includes Sustell™ and Verax™.

Learn more at: dsm.com/anh-na


Enzymes Laboratory Minerals Specialty feed additives Vitamins

Province of Business

Alberta Atlantic British Columbia Manitoba Ontario Quebec Saskatchewan

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