Friesen Livestock Ltd

Established in 2000, FLL (Friesen Livestock Ltd.) is a livestock premix feed producer headquartered in Medicine Hat, Alberta. FLL produces a variety of nutritional feed products including vitamin-trace mineral premix for pigs, poultry, beef and dairy. FLL only uses natural ingredients and its products are free from hormones and antibiotics.

FLL uses its in-house nutritionists and specialized software to formulate its feed products, with the ability to mix feed to custom specifications. The company’s primary products include vitamin-trace mineral feed supplements for livestock, serving farmers throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as Montana.


Acides aminés Aliments spécialisés (additifs) Consultation Ingrédients à base de plantes Minéraux Prémélanges Suppléments Vitamines

Province d'activité

Alberta Saskatchewan

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