Fundamentals of the Commercial Feed Industry

A primer on the Canadian feed industry

This document was developed to provide foundational knowledge and information to individuals unfamiliar with or looking for an overview of the Canadian feed industry. Many aspects of the feed industry are discussed within the document including:

  • the industry’s role in the food value chain 
  • regulations governing the feed industry
  • key ingredients 
  • basic animal nutrition
  • manufacturing processes
  • trends and innovations within the industry

The document highlights the importance of the Canadian feed industry within the agriculture and agri-food industry. With approximately 26.87 million tonnes of livestock feed being consumed each year, the feed industry is a critical partner in ensuring livestock consume a safe feed product that optimizes their nutrition and health to help meet the production goals of producers. The document also showcases the diverse, adaptable, and customer focused nature of the feed industry. 

This primer is one of the resources being developed with help from undergraduate students contracted by ANAC in 2020/2021. Working with these students has allowed the association to  support individuals studying in an agriculture related field, who might have been financially impacted by COVID-19. In exchange, students gained an appreciation for the feed industry while developing resources and tools that can be used by our members.