National Biosecurity Guide for the Livestock and Poultry Feed Sector

At its October 2017 meeting, ANAC’s board of directors approved the development of a national biosecurity guide for the feed industry. Although biosecurity guides exist for different commodity and producer groups on a national level and specific companies or regions have their own protocols in place, there is no national guide for the Canadian feed industry. Many requirements found in quality assurance and feed safety programs, such as ANAC’s FeedAssure®, provide a strong foundation for a rigorous biosecurity program. However, a national guide, that addresses daily best practices as well as provides direction in the event of an active disease outbreak, brings focus to biosecurity measures which are critical to the sustainability and profitability of the Canadian agricultural sector.

Since October, ANAC has worked closely with a consultant to develop the guide and convened an advisory committee representing a broad range of feed industry stakeholders to review the guide at different stages. The final document represents best practices, specific to the feed industry, that can be used both within a company and in conjunction with suppliers and customers to limit the introduction and spread of animal diseases, pests, and pathogens. The recommendations apply to all feed businesses and all functions within a company including sales staff, nutritionists, manufacturing and purchasing personnel and others. Feed companies are encouraged to review the guide and consider any potential gaps in or opportunities to increase the robustness of their biosecurity program as well as share the guide with other feed industry contacts.

Download ANAC's National Biosecurity Guide for the Livestock and Poultry Sector