Answers to the top 3 questions about palm fat in dairy feeds

ANAC is aware of recent attention on the use of palm fats in dairy cattle rations. Answers to commonly asked questions are provided below and in a downloadable statement.

Why are palm fats fed to dairy cows?

Each dairy farm has a tailored nutrition program based on the nutrients from the feed they have available on farm, the types of cows in their herd, the stages of milk production, and their production goals. In some cases, palm fats are used to help cows meet their energy requirements during lactation.

Are palm fats safe?

Anything that is to be fed to livestock in Canada must first go through a rigorous review and approval process by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to ensure it is safe for animals and humans. Palm fats have undergone this safety evaluation and have been approved by the CFIA for use in dairy rations.

Are we using more palm fats today than we were a few years ago?

Recent media reports have suggested that the use of palm fats in Canadian dairy feed rations is a fairly recent phenomenon which has impacted the firmness of butter. However, palm fats have been used in Canadian dairy rations for over 20 years.

ANAC members are dedicated to providing their customers with safe and nutritious feed products to meet the nutritional and production requirements of their animals. If you are a dairy producer and would like to discuss the use of palm fats in your rations, please contact your feed representative.

Download ANAC's statement.