ANCC Graduate Student Competition 2024 Video Abstracts

Oral Presentation Competition winner – monogastric

Roseline Ogory, University of Saskatchewan

Enriching the Omega-3 Fatty Acid Profile of Farm Eggs Using Ahiflower Seed and its Press Cake 

Oral Presentation Competition winner – ruminant

Sarah Dean, University of Guelph

Vitamin A enriched diet at late gestation affect on intramuscular fat deposition in beef offspring  

Poster Competition candidates – monogastric

M1 – Reza Bakhshalinejad, University of Guelph

Effects of feeding hydroxychloride or organic sources of zinc, copper, and manganese to broiler breeders on growth performance of offsprings when fed hydroxychloride or inorganic sources of the same minerals

M2 – Bria Bentley, University of Saskatchewan

The Functional Properties and Digestibility of Round and Wrinkled Pea Flour in Swine Diets

M3 – Bonnie Chau, University of Saskatchewan

Determination of particle size of pig diets containing 20% air-classified pea starch before and after pelleting

M4 – Jacob Foster, Dalhousie University

The effects of polyphenols provided in ovo on the hatchability and growth of broiler chicks.

M5 – Italo Santos Reis Pereira, University of Saskatchewan

Effect of Encapsulated Multivitamin Blends on the Gut Microbiota of Broiler Chickens Challenged with Escherichia coli Lipopolysaccharide

Poster Competition candidates – ruminant

R1 – Kayleigh DeCoste, University of Guelph

Effects of Different Grazing Strategies on Pasture Resiliency, Pasture Yields and Cattle Performance in Beef Cow-Calf Pairs on Ontario Pastures

R2 – Megan Dubois, University of Saskatchewan

Impact of Selecting Beef Heifers with Divergent Digestible Fibre Intake when Fed Four Different Diets

R3 – Janine Hansen, University of Manitoba

Substituting bread waste for corn in feedlot cattle diets reduces overall ammonia emissions.

R4 – Kathryn Kroeze, University of Guelph

Do beef heifers previously classified as high or low enteric methane emitters respond the same to a canola oil methane mitigation strategy?

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