FeedAssure® Steering Committee

Over the past year, ANAC and the FeedAssure® steering committee have been hard at work updating the FeedAssure® program. We would like to acknowledge our steering committee for all their hard work and dedication to this project.

Marie-Lise Beaudoin, Sollio Agriculture
Paul Brubacher, Floradale Feed Mill Limited
Danille Dunn, Floradale Feed Mill Ltd. (Not shown in photo)
Graham Dyer, Cargill Ltd.
Antoniel Franco, Country Junction Feeds
Lionel Gauthier, Hylife Ltd.
Melissa Otis, Jefo Nutrition Inc.
Cheryl Krziyzek, Trouw Nutrition Canada
Jennifer McLeod, New Life Mills Ltd.
Michelle McMurray, Masterfeeds
Derek Mendez, Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd.
Rob Patterson, Canadian Bio-Systems
Lisa Plaquet, ADM Animal Nutrition, Inc.
Jolene Shadlow, Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd.
John Smillie, Canadian Feed Research Centre

My-Lien Bosch, ANAC
Melissa Dumont, ANAC
Sarah Hopkins, ANAC (Not shown in photo)
Nancy Stonos-Smith, ANAC