Canadian Regulatory References

Feeds Act

Feeds Regulations, 1983

Health of Animals Act

Food and Drug Regulations

CFIA – The Food Safety Enhancement Program approach to a preventive control plan

CFIA – Guide for preparing a preventive control plan for domestic food businesses

CFIA – Preventive control plan templates for domestic food businesses

CFIA – Medication sequencing guideline for management of drug carryover

CFIA – Developing Mixer Performance Testing Procedures

CFIA RG-8 Regulatory Guidance: Contaminants in Feed; Section 1: Mycotoxins in Livestock Feed – Fact Sheet – Mycotoxins

CFIA – Supplier Food Safety Assurance Program

CFIA Regulatory requirements: Traceability

Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products Database (NOTE: As of April 2018, the following reference listing has been made available for reference purposes only. The last update to the listing was made on January 25, 2016)

Schedule IV/V (PDF)

CFIA – Measurement of Feed Carryover Level

CFIA – RG-5 Regulatory Guidance: The Enhanced Feed Ban Statement, Lot Numbers and Record

Retention for Animal Food, Labels and Documentation (Prohibited material)

Developing Mixer Performance Testing Procedures (Mixer Validation)

CFIA – Compendium of Medicating Ingredient Brochures (CMIB)

CFIA – Developing Scale and Metering Device Calibration and Verification Procedures

CFIA – Veterinary Prescription Checklist

CFIA – Annex T: Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program (CRFPCP)

CFIA – Commercial feed facilities enrolled in the Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program

CFIA – RG-1 Regulatory Guidance: Chapter 4 – Labelling and Guarantees

Canadian Grain Commission – Official Grain Grading Guide

Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines

National feed inspection program: Results from 1989 to 2018 for the Salmonella monitoring program for livestock feeds

National feed inspection program: results for Program-15B (April 1, 1990 – March 31, 2018) – a monitoring program for mycotoxins in livestock feeds

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