FeedAssure Benefits

When you bring FeedAssure® into your operation, you receive the benefits of more than a decade of feed industry experience and successive improvements, and an established program infrastructure that gives you the practical tools you need to make the program succeed for your business. You are becoming part of a single, widely-adopted standard that clearly demonstrates that you have met the food safety requirements of customers and regulators.

FeedAssure® benefits include:

  • A solid program infrastructure and regular program updates
  • Access to annual HACCP audits conducted by SGS Canada Inc.
  • Use of the FeedAssure® name and logos
  • Unlimited access to all FeedAssure® materials
  • Special member rates for FeedAssure® training programs
  • On-line access to benchmarking reports and food safety reference materials
  • Certified facilities now enjoy the benefit of one less partial CFIA inspection per year

FeedAssure® is both an assurance of safety controls and a valuable business tool for the animal feed industry.

Safety Comes First
Feed and its ingredients are the first input in the chain of human food production. The production of safe feed is the prime goal and the guiding principle behind the controls and processes contained in the FeedAssure® program. FeedAssure® certification provides confidence for all participants in the food production system. FeedAssure yields many other benefits but its "raison d’être" is safety. 

Valuable Business Tool
FeedAssure® is not only good for safety – it’s good for business. 

Manufacturers that are FeedAssure® certified say the program is a valuable business tool that brings about many improvements to their operations. Business-related outcomes include: