Customer Confidence

Certification under FeedAssure® demonstrates to your customers that you have systems in place to manage the risks in the feed manufacturing process that are associated with human food safety. Increasingly, providing this level of confidence to your customers is a requirement for competing throughout the agri-food production system. 

In today’s marketplace, food processors are choosing to deal with animal producers with HACCP-based programs. To meet this requirement, animal producers are implementing HACCP-based, on-farm safety programs, which frequently require assurance of controls, such as HACCP certification, on the part of their feed suppliers. 

Incidents around the world have caused consumers to be increasingly concerned about the safety of the human food supply.  Customers are looking for assurances that safety measures are in place through all phases of production. They understand that safe animal feed is a key part of this supply chain. 

The confidence that comes with FeedAssure® participation translates to the confidence of the consumer.