Fall Webinar Series

ANAC will be hosting a webinar series for its members in the fall. This series allows us to share presentations originally scheduled for the 2020 convention, which was cancelled due to COVID-19, as well as other topical additions. The one-hour webinars will start on September 22nd and run every Tuesday at 12pm EDT for four weeks. The webinars will be live with a Q&A session following the presentation.

Register for each of the webinars by clicking on the buttons below. These webinars are offered free of charge to our members. After registering, a confirmation will be sent by email for each of the sessions once your registration has been approved. 

Date Speakers Registration
Tues, Sept 22
12-1 pm EDT

     ANAC Update
     Melissa Dumont, ANAC Executive Director
Update on ANAC’s policy, regulatory and industry initiatives including a snapshot of high priority files
for the upcoming year

Tues, Sept 29
12-1 pm EDT

African Swine Fever, the Feed Link, and Why it Matters to Your Business

     Dr. Cassandra Jones, Kansas State University
     A look at how African swine feverand other diseases and pathogens, can affect the feed industry 
      with a focus on recent research related to disease transmission and biosecurity    

Tues, Oct 6
12-1 pm EDT

Canadian Agricultural Policy in a Precarious Time
     Dr. Al MusselAgri-Food Economic Systems, Inc.
An exploration into how developments in the international trade environment impact Canadian agri-food policy
and how Covid-19 is impacting the agriculture industry 

Tues, Oct 13
12-1 pm EDT

Animal Nutrition Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) database and its use in Canada
Dr. Delanie KellonGFLI Executive Director, 
Dr. Mary Lou Swift, Trouw Nutrition & GFLI Technical Management Committee Member 
A look into the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) LCA database and tool including a snapshot into
its potential role in supporting environmental sustainability in Canada


If you have any further questions regarding the Fall Webinar Series, please contact Sarah Hopkins (shopkins@anacan.org).