ANCC Graduate Student Competition Abstracts

Oral Presentation Competition – monogastric

M1 – Jing Lu

Dietary inclusion of black soldier fly larvae meal (Hermetia illucens) promotes gut microbiota diversity in laying hens

M2 – Stella Niu

The prebiotic effect of enzymatically-released bioactive components of canola meal fibre on gut health and  growth performance of monogastric animals

M3 – Felix Njeri

Comparative growth performance, gizzard weight, nutrient retention, and ceca digesta short chain fatty acids in broiler chickens and turkeys in response to cereal grain type, fiber level, and multi-enzyme supplement fed from hatch to 28 days of life

M4 – Oluwakemi Omotosho

Expeller/cold-pressed canola (ECPC) and its nutritive value for growing pigs

Oral Presentation Competition – ruminant

R1 – Titouan Chapelain

Performances, serum profiles and gut permeability of dairy calves fed a milk replacer or whole milk at two levels of supply

R2 – Myriam Landry

Effects of lipid supplementation on milk composition and butter properties

R3 – Jihao You

Prediction of individual dry matter intake of lactating dairy cows using machine learning algorithms

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