ANAC Positions

ANAC submits comments on nutrient maximum levels for horses, rabbits and small ruminants (August 2018)
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Special Bulletin: CFIA moves to align with ANAC positions on labelling and exports in new regulations (February 2018)
The modernization of the Feeds Regulations has been ongoing since November 2011 and is expected to be complete in 2019. Although much positive progress has been made on this file, ANAC continues to engage with CFIA on outstanding issues. ANAC is pleased to announce that after considerable discussion with CFIA, a satisfactory resolution has been achieved for our concerns related to the list of ingredients on feed labels, bilingual labels, and feed exports. 
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ANAC submits comments on biological and chemical contaminants in feeds (September 2017)
Regulatory modernization consultations continued over the summer months on incorporated by reference (IbR) document proposals. On September 22nd, ANAC submitted comments on CFIA’s proposals related to biological and chemical contaminants.
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The Need to Modernize the Regulatory Treatment of Animal Feed Additives: A Proposal for Classifying Zootechnical Additives as Feed Ingredients (July 2015)
Currently, zootechnical additives (such as probiotics and enzymes) are not classified as feed ingredients in Canada and must go through the more rigorous drug approval process. This has long been a source of frustration for the feed industry and has resulted in a competitive disadvantage for Canadian livestock and poultry producers whose global counterparts (namely those in the European Union and United States) regularly use these additives which are recognized as feed ingredients in their jurisdictions. This paper will be used as a basis for discussions to enable commercialization and use of zootechnical feed additives in Canada. 

Joint Recommendations to the Co-Chairs of the Feed Regulatory Steering Group (November 2013)
This joint communique was sent to the CFIA co-chairs of the feed regulatory steering group to set the parameters for the next phase of discussions on regulatory modernization,  namely hazard analysis and preventive controls. 

A Proposal for A Risk-Based Approach to Hazard Identification and Control (June 2013)
This paper discusses the hazard identification and control component of the regulatory modernization project. As was the case with the ingredient authorization issue, ANAC has prepared a policy paper to set out the feed industry position, and this was submitted to CFIA and the feed regulatory steering group on July 4. 

Supplement to January 2013 Paper on Feed Ingredient Regulatory Modernization (March 2013)
This paper offers additional clarity to the proposal submitted in January 2013 on feed ingredient classification and authorization.

A Proposal by the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada for a Risk-Based Framework for Feed Ingredients (January 2013)
ANAC has developed a paper which proposes a risk-based approach to the regulation of feed ingredients. In this paper, the association advances nine recommendations for the classification and authorization of feed ingredients in a modernized regulation. 

The Case for Modernization of the Canadian Feed Regulations (December 2010)
This comprehensive policy paper was instrumental in initiating the dialogue between the feed industry and CFIA on the modernization of the feeds regulations. The paper sets out the main issues and problems facing the feed industry as a result of the current outdated regulatory environment, discusses the framework for a solution— including international best practices—and makes specific recommendations for change.