COVID-19 update for feed industry: Governments re-evaluate essential and inspection services

ANAC continues to lobby federal and provincial governments for feed industry essential service designation

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, additional measures are being taken at the federal and provincial levels to slow down the spread of the disease in Canada.

Nationally, ANAC has been participating on an Industry-Government COVID-19 working group consisting of national sector organizations, who meet by phone three times per week to share information and discuss issues facing industry, including potential impacts on trade. ANAC sent a communication to the federal government advocating for all aspects of the feed industry value chain to be considered essential, allowing for continued operation in the event that additional emergency measures are implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ANAC has also sent a letter to the provincial government of Ontario and is working on additional letters to other provincial governments to sensitize them to the vital nature of the feed industry in safeguarding food security and animal welfare in Canada, North America and beyond. We must ensure we are legally allowed to remain open should an order be issued to close all non-essential businesses.

ANAC has also recently posted on our designated COVID-19 Updates webpage a link to a new page created by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada that contains questions and answers specific to the agriculture sector.


CFIA prioritizes inspection activities amid COVID-19 pandemic

Like many other federal and provincial departments, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has activated their business continuity plan and is evaluating resources so they can continue to maintain critical services and inspections related to food production during the pandemic. An announcement to this effect has just been published on the agency’s website. Activities most important to uphold Canada’s food safety, animal and plant health systems will be prioritized. Among the measures that will be taken are the suspension of compliance verification and sampling activities in feed mills and feed retail outlets.

The situation is evolving at an unprecedented pace and many of the answers to the numerous questions coming from all sectors are still being formulated by government. ANAC is monitoring the situation closely and will inform members as soon as we hear more. Please continue to share your concerns by emailing them to We will continue to log them and address them as soon as there is more information to share.