COVID-19: Flexibilities in policies related to feed shipment and transport documentation

CFIA publishes interim policy on feed labels and shipping documents
As feed companies implement measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19, concerns have been raised around possible transfer of the coronavirus via paper documents that are required in legislation when feed is sold and delivered. (For example, current regulations require that feed labels and shipping records accompany a shipment of feed.) ANAC has communicated members’ concerns to CFIA and has been successful in advocating for flexibilities, specifically the use of electronic documentation and signatures, that can be adopted in the interim. Please see CFIA’s interim policy related to “Temporary measure concerning the delivery of livestock feed labels and shipping documents” amid COVID-19 that was published on CFIA’s website today.

Communications with delivery personnel for FeedAssure® program amid COVID-19
The FeedAssure® program has also made allowances for electronic communications between feed personnel and trucking services amid the pandemic. In the case of proof of discussion (e.g. for truck cleaning, delivery sequences or previous load), a text or email from the driver or dispatcher to the mill would be sufficient evidence as long as these communications are retained on file for the required record retention period. As with other procedural changes in the context of the program, modifications resulting from COVID-19 measures should be documented.  Feed facilities choosing to change communication methods during the pandemic must include an addendum to their feed safety manual or documentation stipulating the permitted temporary alternate means of proof of discussion for external communications.

Documentation for personnel movement due to essential servicesANAC member companies have reported that their employees have been stopped and questioned by law enforcement when driving within or between provinces, or between Canada and the United States. As a result, ANAC has created a letter template in English and French (.DOC), that can be personalized and then provided to employees needing to travel to and from the office or for other business purposes. This letter explains that our industry is an essential service and may be useful for employees to carry with them should additional regulatory measures be taken around the movement of people due to COVID-19.

As always, please continue to share with ANAC any concerns or questions around COVID-19 and the impact to your business by contacting My-Lien Bosch at