COVID-19: CFIA publishes expectations on preventing and responding to COVID-19 cases

A notice to industry was published yesterday outlining CFIA’s expectations for the prevention and response to suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in establishments regulated by the Agency. As CFIA has suspended compliance verification and sampling activities in feed mills and feed retail outlets during the COVID-19 pandemic, these expectations can be viewed as guidance rather than requirements should an employee test positive for COVID-19 in a feed facility. With that said, if a CFIA inspector needs to visit a facility (e.g. to investigate an incident related to food safety), the measures outlined in the guidance would be expected to be in place. Additionally, facilities may find the guidance useful to expand on their existing protocols and contingency plans related to COVID-19.

ANAC has also learned that the Public Health Agency of Canada is working on developing additional guidance for businesses deemed essential outside of the healthcare industry. The guidance will be applicable to the feed value chain and shared with members once available.

We greatly appreciate the continued feedback and communication from members regarding COVID-19 and the potential impacts to our industry. We encourage you to continuing sharing your concerns and questions by contacting My-Lien Bosch at