CFIA allows additional flexibilities for feed labelling and formulation amid COVID-19

In recognition of the additional challenges faced by feed and ingredient manufacturers due to the ongoing pandemic, CFIA’s Animal Feed Division has published two notices outlining temporary measures put in place to assist the feed industry in keeping our employees and customers safe while ensuring we can continue to feed all Canadian livestock. The notices will be communicated via CFIA’s listserv shortly.

The first notice provides an update on the interim policy introduced at the end of March concerning the allowance to use electronic labels for bulk deliveries to feed mills or farms. The updated policy on “Information concerning the delivery of livestock feed labels and shipping documents during COVID-19” can be found on the CFIA website.

In the event of ingredient shortages related to COVID-19, CFIA is also allowing feeds to be formulated below Table 4 minimums and permitting changes to label guarantees on registered feeds without the need to submit an application for the change. For complete details on this interim measure, see CFIA’s notice: “Information concerning support for the continued supply of livestock feed during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

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