ANAC's Unique Program

FeedAssure® is a Prerequisite
The new ISO 22000 program maintains ANAC’s FeedAssure® program – which is well-recognized by the Canadian feed industry and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) – at its core and as a prerequisite of the program. It is an optional module and will not alter the FeedAssure® program – whether or not certified facilities opt to implement the new module.  

FeedAssure® Certified Facilities at an Advantage
Since much of ISO 22000 is already covered in FeedAssure®, meeting the additional certification requirements for FeedAssure® facilities should not be a major departure from the current program, but rather just an adjustment up. Some of the key things that need to be addressed are regular management involvement, communications up and down the supply chain, root cause analysis, and continuous improvement. 

Companies enrolling in ANAC’s program will be able to take advantage of gap analyses between FeedAssure® and ISO 22000, integrated FeedAssure® and ISO 22000 audits resulting in lower costs, as well as targeted training on program requirements.  

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