Step 3: Third Party Audits

Step 3: Third Party Audit Verification
Certification under the FeedAssure® program carries the weight of independent, third party verification that safety controls are being followed. FeedAssure® requires all certified facilities to undergo annual Prerequisite Program/HACCP System Verification audits, using certified HACCP Systems auditors with auditing experience in the feed industry. This annual external review keeps companies on track with their safety controls and provides information to allow them to continuously improve. 

FeedAssure's® auditing protocol was developed by an international team of SGS HACCP auditors and fine-tuned with the input of the Canadian feed industry. The protocol is consistent with the HACCP requirements of the U.N. Codex Alimentarius Commission and also incorporates key elements of the regulatory standards of governments in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Audits are conducted on an annual basis, with a three-year renewal cycle:

Year 1 Initial (full) Audit
Year 2 Maintenance (partial) Audit
Year 3 Maintenance (partial) Audit
Year 4 Re-certification (full) Audit

The length of audits varies from one to three days, based on the type of audit and the complexity of the manufacturing system. Following each audit, the facility is provided with a full written report including a final score/rating. Facilities must attain a minimum required score to maintain their certification in the FeedAssure® Program.