The Gold Standard in Feed Safety
FeedAssure® is a comprehensive feed safety management and certification program developed by ANAC for the Canadian feed industry in 1999.  It is a customized full HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program of processes and controls that bring the highest safety standards to feed production.  FeedAssure® was the first feed industry HACCP program developed in North America and one of the first in the world. 

Certification under the FeedAssure® program carries the weight of third party verification that safety controls are effective and are being followed. To maintain their certification, FeedAssure® members undergo annual audits by an independent, internationally recognized firm. Close to 170 feed mills and related facilities are HACCP-certified under the FeedAssure® program. These facilities collectively represent an estimated 70 percent of commercial feed production in Canada.

In 2010, CFIA formally recognized that FeedAssure® met the agency’s own Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) standards; certified facilities now enjoy the benefit of one less partial CFIA inspection per year.

In 2012, ANAC added an additional module to the FeedAssure® program, assisting feed-related companies to become certified in ISO 22000 in addition to FeedAssure®, thus providing a framework for an improved food safety management system that is internationally-recognized across the food supply chain. 

List of FeedAssure® Certified Facilities

For more information contact ANAC at feedassure-proqualite@anacan.org.