April 7 , 2020 to April 8 , 2020

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

New "Risk-Optimized ISO 22000:2018" Training


FeedAssure®/SGS Risk Optimized ISO 22000:2018 Integrated Training

The global ISO 22000:2018 scheme provides an internationally accepted platform for identification and control of operational and business risk. The revised version cancels and replaces ISO 22000:2005. Organizations have until June 18, 2021 to transition and comply with ISO 22000:2018 to remain ISO 22000 certified.

To assist with this transition, SGS has partnered with ANAC to offer a new ISO22000:2018 training called Risk Optimized ISO 22000:2018 that encompasses additional elements of risk identification and management.

The Risk Optimized ISO 22000:2018 course offers state-of-the-art tools and adult learning format training applicable to multiple positions and covers techniques designed to truly reduce the risk of product recalls or brand reputation loss. The course will help current ISO 22000 certified facilities update to the revised standard as well as assist FeedAssure® certified facilities to further improve their feed safety system. The course consists of the following 5 intensive and practical modules, each containing tool kits for rapid implementation:

• Advanced Hazard Analysis, Risk Assessment and Validation of Controls;
• Risk Based, Efficient Supply Chain Management;
• Advanced Corrective Action Implementation and Root Cause Analysis;
• Advanced Internal Auditing Integration, Implementation and Follow Up

Training Location:
Mississauga, ON - Location to be confirmed to registered participants.

Registration Fee
Register by February 28th, and save! The registration deadline is March 26th. Fee includes course materials, coffee breaks and lunches. Participants are responsible for their own travel and hotel accommodation costs.