Commercial Feed Mill Listing (CFM)

The list of Canadian Commercial Feed Mills (CFM) aims to provide a registry of all facilities in Canada that are recognized as CFMs by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Facilities appearing on the CFM list have attested that they have been inspected by the CFIA for compliance with domestic regulations and hold a CFM number issued by the CFIA.

The CFM list fulfills different purposes for various stakeholders including:

  • drug manufacturers:
    • to identify which facilities are allowed, by regulations, to purchase prescription drugs designated to be mixed in feed (DIN drug premixes). Only CFMs, veterinarians and pharmacists are legally allowed to purchase prescription veterinary drugs from drug manufacturers.
  • livestock producers:
    • to identify which feed mills are considered CFMs by the CFIA and therefore are legally allowed to sell prescription medication, and
    • to locate commercial feeds mills operating in their region.

The list is maintained by ANAC and includes CFMs from both member and non-member companies. If you are a commercial feed mill in Canada and would like to be included on the CFM list, you must complete the required attestation form.

For questions regarding the CFM list or the attestation, please email

Download the form: CFM Attestation Form – 2021 (Fillable PDF)

View the list: Commercial Feed Mill List (PDF)