2020 Feed Industry Leadership Award Recipients

We are honoured to present the following individuals with the 2020 Feed Industry Leadership Award:

Marvin Stevenson

Marvin graduated from the University of Guelph in 1978 with a Masters degree in ruminant nutrition. After graduation, Marvin went on to work for United Cooperatives of Ontario, Degussa and is now the Vice President at Halchemix Canada, providing technical support for their entire product portfolio.

Although Marvin studied ruminant nutrition, his extensive knowledge of monogastric nutrition has allowed him to gain tremendous respect from all nutritionists. Marvin has dedicated much time and contributed significantly to the ANAC Nutrition Committee over the years. He is also an ongoing mentor to industry colleagues and has built strong relationships with key individuals involved in both academia and animal nutrition research. His patience and knowledge has enabled him to successfully navigate complex files through the CFIA registration process to ensure that Canadian producers have access to the same products producers have in other countries.

In the words of Marvin’s colleague who submitted his candidacy for the award, “Marvin is one of the most gracious, humble people you could ever work with. His knowledge and memory is outstanding, coupled with insight that is able to identify interconnected issues in nutrition, physiology and management. Leadership is having positive influence and adding value to others, which describes Marvin perfectly.”

Marvin’s passion and involvement in agriculture is not only reflected in the feed industry as he and his wife Cathy also operate Nature's Bounty Farm, an apple orchard and sheep farm in Durham region.


Don Janzen, Denis Vielfaure and Claude Vielfaure

With what started off as a family farm, Don Janzen, Denis Vielfaure and Claude Vielfaure have transformed their fully integrated swine operation, now known as HyLife, into the largest pork producer in the country.  Don, Denis and Claude have always focused their efforts on building up the community while developing the best possible feed and pork products.  

Ensuring the company produces quality feed has always been a high priority for the founders. They led HyLife to become the first members of ANAC manufacturing feed as part of an integrated system to hold FeedAssure® certification. As well, HyLife has been an ANAC member for decades and has always supported industry initiatives, including participating on the ANAC national board.

Without a consistent and high-quality feed supply, HyLife would not have managed to ship pork to over 20 countries around the globe and be the leading exporter of Canadian pork into the Japanese market, which is considered to have the highest standard for pork in the world. Their feed milling capacity stretches over seven establishments including Cando (North Dakota), Spiritwood (SK) and La Broquerie, Randolph, Killarney, St. Malo and Kola (Manitoba). Don, Denis and Claude’s leadership in the development of HyLife's recent state-of-the-art feed mills in Randolph (2016) and Killarney (2018) have helped HyLife meet and exceed industry feed standards. 

The company’s mission statement demonstrates Don, Dan and Claude’s values: “We Take Care of our Employees, our Customers and Communities”. Following these values has led HyLife to attain the designation of 'Canada's Best Managed Companies - Platinum Status'. HyLife has reached its success by placing priority on understanding their customers’ needs, allowing them to reach new heights in the feed and pork industry. They further showcase these values by priding themselves on being good stewards of the environment through the development of new and more efficient feed mills, a waste water treatment plant, and an environmental team and a firm commitment to ensuring the company not only meets but exceeds industry standards. As Don, Dan and Claude enter retirement, their legacy of focusing on core values and leading the industry remains rooted in the company’s future.