ANAC Strategic Plan

At its 2018 Annual General Meeting in Quebec City on Tuesday May 29, ANAC presented its 2018 - 2023 Strategic Plan. The plan was developed by the Board of Directors with input from ANAC National staff and finalized by the Executive Committee earlier this year. ANAC’s previous strategic plan, published in October 2013, focused on leadership, business environment, and sustainability. The new strategic plan builds on the momentum of these initiatives and adds more detailed plans for resources and actions. 

The pillars of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan include:

  1. Food Safety – working with domestic and international partners to stay up to date on emerging issues and ensuring that they are dealt with using solutions that are fair and scientifically justified
  2. Communication – establishing a formal communications plan to help ANAC achieve its goals of providing members with the information they need to be compliant and competitive in addition to increasing the profile of ANAC and the FeedAssure® program
  3. Growth – ensuring the sustainability of ANAC and a strong industry voice by increasing the number of members, in all membership categories, with a goal of representing as much of the commercial feed tonnage produced in Canada and inputs into the feed industry as possible. As well, to increase the number of FeedAssure® certified facilities to help the industry prepare for the upcoming regulations which mandate preventative control plans
  4. Strategic Resources – ensuring that ANAC has the funding, expertise and human resources needed to continue serving its members

The feed industry is undergoing significant changes related to the regulatory and business environment. The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan will help focus and direct the work of the association to enhance its effectiveness and meet the needs of members, today and into the future.

ANAC Strategic Plan (2018-2023)

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