ANAC Strategic Plan

At its October 2013 meeting, the ANAC board of directors renewed the association’s strategic plan and developed the successor to Vision 2015. The board also decided to change ANAC’s strategic planning approach: rather than developing a new plan every five years as has previously been the case, it will be refreshed annually and will thus guide the association’s activities to fit emerging priorities. The ANAC operating budget and business plan each year will also be consistent with the overall strategy.

We are now approaching the conclusion of the regulatory modernization initiative, and it is expected that the regulatory framework will be completed in 2015. Following publication in Canada Gazette and subsequent cabinet approval, the new rules are likely to become law some time in 2016. This will trigger an expansion of ANAC’s role beyond advocacy for change, and into a program of outreach and member support as industry and government transition to a new, outcome-based approach to regulation.

The Board agreed that the association’s strategic focus should continue to be on leadership, improving the business environment and sustainability. In turn, five broad areas of activity were established to channel ANAC’s efforts within the strategic focus:

1. Implementation of modernized regulations

2. Ongoing member outreach, education and training

3. Optimization of FeedAssure® potential

4. Development of strategic partnerships

5. Public affairs and external communications

ANAC Strategic Plan (October 2013)

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